Garden Accessories

UK Water Features - Adding a little humour to your garden this spring.

Every garden has a theme to it, but if you want yours to stand out for sheer novelty sake then you could think of adding a bit of humor to your garden. There are several items of décor that you can introduce to your garden and watch the smiles it brings on the faces of all those who pass by. Take for example garden gargoyles. They have a look of mystery around them and you could consider placing them at the entrance of your garden. They may come across as scary to others,...

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UK Water Features - Install a water butt and save water!

During hot and dry weather in the United Kingdom up to 50% of the total water usage is used outdoors. This maybe to water plants, wash cars or even to provide drinking water for birds.The increase in demand for water is putting a strain on natural resources. It is vital that we now find ways to conserve this valuable resource.Saving water in your garden is an easy way to reduce your household water bills, reduce the risk of drought orders and water restrictions and also help protect garden wildlife.Installing a Read More

UK Water Features - Don’t let the British weather dampen your mail, or your spirits.

Looking for a post box to go with your home exterior? There are a host of options available to help you choose the best of the many varieties available. Modern day letter boxes are available in many styles and colors and serve people with diverse artistic interest and of course budget.Modern post boxes are trendy, stylish and engineered to stop pilferage. They are sturdy, long lasting and aesthetic in their look and purpose. Read More

Spring is coming, what should you do to prepare your garden?

Well we may not have had a winter like we did last year, but one thing for sure it was certainly a cold one. With the short days and grim weather finally coming to end, the winter season is about to drift off into the distance for yet another year.  It is officially Spring here in the UK on March 20th. It may seem a way off but believe me it will soon be here. Now is a great time to start thinking about your garden. If you are one of those people who love to spend some time in the garden then now is the time to begin your preparations and add them unique touches. ...

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The use of decorative garden aggregates in your own home

If you are looking to add a little extra to your garden or patio area this summer then why not add some beautiful decorative garden aggregates to a flower bed or at the base of a garden water feature. These simple additions really do add so much to a small space. Simply enhancing the base of water feature for example with some decorative chippings or garden pebbles add to the overall look of the feature an...

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A Breakdown Of The Different Bird Feeders

There are many different types of bird feeders out there in the market these days. With such a wide choice, how do we know which feeder is more suited to our own needs. Well here is brief breakdown of some of the more popular types of bird feeders to help narrow it down for you. All in all, basic seed feeders are the most recognized. We may well know them as their common designs such as hopper, trays or tubes. People tend to combine these feeders with the option of sunflower seeds or mixed seed. Different seeds attract different species of birds (very similar to hum...

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Attracting wildlife to your garden with a few simple additions

Wildlife is a great part of any garden. It is actually possible to attract various species of wildlife to your garden with a few simple additions to your outdoor space. Wildlife can be a further element to your garden that provides you with a peaceful and tranquil ambiance.Creating a wetland area in your garden is a p...

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Garden ornaments to enhance your outdoor living space

Garden ornaments are a perfect addition to any garden in order to enhance the overall outdoor space. With the range of garden ornaments so wide, there is certainly one or two out there that are suitable for all types of gardens whether your garden is a modern and contemporary design or a more traditional and quaint, there are little features that will certainly add to the overall space. All in all enhancing your garden and creating a unique outdoor living space.If you are sat in your garden one afternoon and are...

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Hand crafted garden buildings, arbours and swing sets

Garden arbours and garden swing sets are a great little addition to your garden a place where you can sit and relax, while creating your own little tranquil atmosphere. With the amazing weather we had over the last week, and you were unfortunately tied into cutting the grass or pulling weeds all weekend then what better way than to sit and relax after all that hard work and admire a job well done than in a beautiful hand crafted...

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Don't pay through the roof for Organic, Grow Your Own.

Gardeners have a fair old amount of elements to consider when it comes to planting their vegetables. After a long hard and certainly cold winter, where you have had plenty of time to think about what you are wanting to plant this spring, now is the time to start putting those prized plans into action.As we all know, the climate here in the UK is certainly not the same as the south of France. It would be nice, but unfortunately it isn’t.  So we have to take into considerable consideration the variable UK climate when it comes to the right time to start preparing your garde...

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