Halloween Decorations, Perfect To Light Up Your Garden

Halloween is an annual holiday that is celebrated throughout the UK. Over in the USA it tends to be a little more popular. With houses going all out to scare their fellow neighbours with some frightening Halloween decorations both inside their homes however a majority of the decorations designed for outdoor decorating. With the popularity of Halloween in the USA so high, it has gradually become more and more popular over here in the UK. Now a days, we tend to see a lot more decorations been put up in the spirit of Halloween.

This year, the 31st of October falls on a Monday, so those trick or treaters will have stuff their sweet sacks quickly as they will probably have school the following day. With Halloween now only 17 days away, there is still plenty of time to get some last minute Halloween decorations ordered in time to get them all hung up. There is a fascinating new addition to this years Halloween decorations, the Illoom Balloon. Once featured on the BBC's Dragons Den, this simple yet very effective halloween decoration is perfect to add a unique touch to your home. The illume Ballon is a Halloween themed ballon however it has a small LED bulb inside that once the balloon is inflated the build will illuminate the balloon. Giving off a glowing  effect. These Illoom Balloons are available as a glowing pumpkin or a shimmering ghost. Either are sure to draw some extra attention to you halloween decorations this year.  

Halloween Sky Lanterns tend to be a popular choice during this time of year, they are great if you are hosting a party of some sort or even if you are just out to entertain the young ones. Available in a pack of five, these sky lanterns come with various Halloween themed sillouhettes on the side which when lit give off a spectacular lighting effect.