Remember remember, the fifth of November, it's Bonfire night!

“Remember remember, the fifth of November. Gunpowder treason and plot. We see no reason, why gunpowder treason, should ever be forgot” is a quote that we are relatively familiar with. However, do we actually know where it originated or why we actually celebrate the 5th of November every year here in the UK.

Robert Catesby knew ‘The Gunpowder Plot’ as it was the failed assassination attempt against King James I of England by a group of English Catholics led. In short, the plot was to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament on 5th of November 1605.  Guy Fawkes is the name that we all associate with bonfire night here in the UK. The name is remembered as he was plotter that was in charge of the explosives for the scheduled plot. The thwarting of the Gunpowder Plot was commemorated for many years afterwards by special sermons and other public events such as the ringing of church bells, which have evolved into the Bonfire Night of today.

Every year on the 5th of November here in the UK we celebrate this failed attempt by hosting bonfire parties and firework displays. Every year millions of pounds are spent of fireworks across the UK with the end of October and early November holding the more significant increase in sales due to the celebration, which we now call Bonfire Night.

Over the years firework displays have evolved into beautiful and spectacular events where people come together to admire the skies. With so many variations of fireworks now available it is truly a huge task to decide on which ones interest you. The list really is endless, ranging from Roman Candles, Sparklers, Fountains & Mines, Rockets to even ones that make a deafening bang. You tend to be so spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a few fireworks that your best bet is probably to purchase a selection box of assorted fireworks. During the run up to Bonfire Night there tend to be many offers floating around where you can pick up a bargain, such as buy one get one free offers. If you keep your eye out you will certainly pick a great deal.

Yet the 5th of November or Bonfire Night as we call it is a time for us all to celebrate, we also need to take extreme care and safety when handling any sort of firework or fire. Bonfire night safety is exceptionally important.

Here are 10 safety tips to help keep you safe on Bonfire Night.

  1. Plan your firework display in advance to make it safe and enjoyable
  2. Light the firework at arms length with a taper and stand well back
  3. Point all rocket fireworks well away from spectators
  4. Control Your Children
 they are particularly vulnerable at Firework displays and can easily get drawn towards danger by the bright lights and loud noises. Keep an eye on them at all times and don’t under any circumstances let them wonder off.
  5. Keep pets indoors
  6. Never play with fireworks or fire
  7. Never go near a firework that has already been lit, keep your distance
  8. If possible, always wear gloves to protect your hands. The firework/sparkler will still be hot even after the flame goes out.
  9. Do not put fireworks in your pocket and NEVER throw fireworks.
  10. If you are hosting a bonfire party, make sure that the fire is out and the area is clear before you leave the area.