Protecting Your Garden Water Feature This Winter

If you have purchased a water feature from here is our step by set guide to making sure you avoid potential damage due to the harsh winter we are about to face (again!):

All Solar Powered Water Features:

  • If your feature is solar powered (no wires) we suggest removing all the water from the item, giving it a good clean using just warm water a cleaning cloth and maybe a few squirts of Fountain Grime and Lime Cleaner.
  • Carefully remove the solar panel/pump and clean in warm water.
  • Once clean and dry the solar powered water feature and solar pump can be stored in a garage or shed. Please remember that even in a shed though it can drop below freezing so it maybe also worth wrapping the water feature in a sheet or even bubble wrap to add further protection.

By following these simple steps come March 2012 and the start of spring you will be able to enjoy your feature for years to come.

All Mains Powered Water Features:

  • Mains powered water features will more than likely form part of an integral garden design so taking these inside over the winter can prove tricky.
  • As soon as the weather begins to change and the temperature gets towards freezing this is the time to make sure your water feature is prepared for the winter.
  • Never allow ice to form in any part of the water feature.
  • Start by emptying the water out of the feature. With smaller features is quite simple but with some of the larger water features it may involve two people to carefully lift the feature.  All the water needs to be removed. A little tip would be to place a towel inside the base of the feature to mop up excess water which struggles to find its way out.
  • Once the water feature is empty it can then be covered with a fountain protection cover. These covers come in three sizes (Small Cover, Medium Cover and Large Cover) and can be placed over the top of the fountain with a simple draw string at the base.
  • By following these simple steps your feature will be ready for when the sun makes its next appearance in the spring and your garden can be enjoyed again.


UK Water Features has a whole host of products to protect garden water features from Winter Protection Covers, to Algae Stopper and Fountain Grime and Lime.