Health Benefits Of Water Features

Water Features can provide many benefits to both your physical and mental health, ranging from lowering your stress levels to adding value to your property…

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 Catalina Overflowing Vase Fountain Cast Stone Water Feature

Now you may be asking “They might look nice but what benefits will it actually yield for me?”

One of the lesser-known benefits of having an indoor water feature is increasing the humidity of your air. On cold days where all the doors and windows are shut and the heating is on, the air within your house begins to dry out; having a water feature running during the day releases water vapour back into the air, which improves the atmosphere. This is an underrated positive as prolonged exposure to dry air can cause dry skin, fatigue and dry out your mouth and nose which can make it easier to catch pesky winter bugs.


Charcoal Grey Buddha Sat In Lotus Flower Indoor Water Feature

A potential positive for the business savvy among you is the possibility of adding value to property. Research has shown that a well-maintained landscape can add up to 20% to the property's value. Many people enjoy having an established landscape. Water features can add kerb appeal which also goes a long way to increasing property value.

We all know how relaxing being outdoors, walking along a riverbank next to a gently flowing river with the sounds of nature in your ears can be...however, the reality is that many of us who live in cities do not have access to large outdoor spaces during the week. If you feel our frustration, then a water feature is the perfect way to bring that tranquillity into your home. A study done by the University of Sussex supports this idea, finding that the sounds of nature can lower stress levels drastically.

 Wave Cascade Stainless Steel Water Feature

Now I bet you’re thinking ''That’s got to be all the benefits of owning a water feature...''

That’s where you’re wrong, water features are closely linked to the concept of feng shui,also called Chinese geomancy. It's an ancient practice which claims to use energy to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environments. According to this belief, the reason fountains have such a profound effect on people is to do with Qi energy; the fountain collects this energy, and the moving water distributes this around your home.

You’ve got to be convinced by now that having a water feature in your home is a great idea… if you are still on the fence as to which you’d like you can view our full range with a mix of indoor and outdoor features of all sizes here