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First of all what is social media? Well in simple terms social networking is a word that has been thrown around a lot in recent years, it is a platform such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that is used to bring together people who share common interests and enjoy dicussing and sharing ideas with one another.  That being said, UK Water Features would like to invite you to join the thousands of people currently following us on our social media networks. The social media phenominon is a great way for you to keep upto date with what is is going on with UK Water Features. Been a member of our networks on either Twitter or Facebook (or both) you will recieve exclusive offers, competitions, information and engaging conversations with fellow garden and water feature enthusiasts.

To hop on board our social media bandwagon simply follow these easy directions and you will be imediatly connected to thousands of people just like yourselves.

For Twitter simply click @waterfeatures and then click on the 'Follow' tab, simple.


For Facebook simply click here to be directed to our Facebook page where you will notice at the top of the page a 'Like' tab. Click and enjoy the benefits of being part of our social media networks.



Social media is a great way for you to interact with people who share a common interest. Along the way you will recive the benefit of exclusive discounts, competitions as well as free tips and tricks to help you enhance your gardens.

We look forward to seeing on board soon!