Temperatures Through The Roof Today, Could This Be a Sign Of Things To Come?

Are we heading for a sizzling summer in June after the hottest day on record this week?

According to the London weather centre we’ve reached a record high with the temperature in Heathrow this week soaring to 37.4C (99.3F) on Wednesday afternoon, making it the highest on record!


The previous record was made in Cheltenham in August, 1990.

As we head into the start of summer we’re all hoping for some of that much needed sunshine! Clear blue skies, warm breezes and long balmy evenings are the key to a perfect season.  The weather we‘ve had so far throughout May has been more than a little disappointing. As we work our way further into the time of year we all want to be able to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the best of the British countryside as well as devoting time to appreciate our gardens.

Whether it be time spent relaxing outside and enjoying the finer things – family, friends, fresh air and dining al fresco! Or you might even want to while away the hours making improvements to your garden. Adding new flowers and plants, or creating a new seating area on your patio or deck.

June is the ideal time to get cracking on enhancements in the garden so then you can enjoy them for the rest of the season. After a slightly chilly May, the temperature in June will hopefully sore. Predictions so far give us a good couple of months now but with temperatures getting higher we might be in for some stormy days too. Regardless of the weather you need to make the most of the summer season this year!