Tips for adding a wetland area into your garden to attract wildlife

People have put bird baths in their yard to attract birds for a century. A small pond in a garden or a back yard can attract other forms of wildlife. Some people decide to put up pre formed ponds to keep fish, but it is not necessary to put fish in a pond to attract water life.

Putting a water feature in a back yard takes a little work. The process starts with a shovel and digging a hole. A garden supply store can supply the necessary lining. A water feature, unlike a pool, does not need to be dug deep into the ground. The process of filling a water feature can take a while. When the pond fills, the next step of the process is putting in plants and occasionally necessary microbes to make the pond as natural as possible.

A pond in a backyard does not attract the larger types of wildlife. Squirrels, birds, and frogs will come on their own. The owner of the pond must keep away from the water feature in order to watch wildlife come to the pond. Wild animals do not like to come too close to people. The pond may also attract stray dogs and cats. The pond owner cannot stop the pond from attracting local domesticated animals. A fenced in yard may prevent some dogs and cats from using the new feature in your garden.

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