UK Water Features - Setting something out for the wild birds

For people who own a lovely garden, one of the best things to do would be to help a wild bird or two that takes refuge in your green oasis. By taking care it would be mean providing them with bird food and perhaps a bird bath. Not only will it bring sweet music to your garden, but it will provide you with an amazing range of bird visits. It will also help your garden flourish well.

So how does one look after wild birds that drop by. There used to be a theory that birds should not be fed in summers since it will lead to them being dependent on the human race and unnecessarily fat. However, with time and the right kind of research, there is now evidence to show that birds in fact must be fed in the summers. There can be shortage of food at any time of the year and sometimes this can happen at the fag end of the autumn and spring season or even after torrential rains. What you have to be careful about is the kind of food you set out for the birds in summer.

Fruit is great way to bring wild birds in. Cut up fresh apples, bananas, grapes as well as oranges and pears and skewer them on to small sticks. This gives birds a place to perch while they are eating. You could use dried raisins and currants, but do make sure to soak them and make them soft. Most of these fruits will also attract fruit flies which are actually food for the hummingbird amongst others.

Wild birds require a great deal of protein when they are molting and you can place shallow bowls of beetle larvae as well as waxworms on slightly higher ground to attract them. If you have bird feeders in the garden, then you can top them up with oatmeal and sunflower seeds as well as a summer seed mix. But do make sure there is no peanut in it.

Of course in the summer months the bird bath is all important. Make sure it is big enough for a couple of birds to be perched on it at one time. Keep separate chutes of water for them to drink as well. You will find several of them taking refreshing dips in the water especially post noon. Birds, especially in the breeding season in summer need all the help they can get. You will be doing them great service by taking care of some basic needs.

UK Water Features has a wide range of wild bird care products including bird feeders and nest boxes.