Contemporary Vibes with Stainless Steel Water Features

Spring is here and summer will soon be on its way too before we know it!

The sunnier and warmer weather has got us all excited for this and like us, you might be searching for ways on how you can upgrade your garden in time for summer. Perhaps your garden is looking a little run down after the winter months or you’re simply looking for a change in decor, well here at UK Water Features we have something that will be able to cater to your needs.

We’re sure you’ll be wanting to spend lots of time in your outdoor space with family, and you may even wish to invite guests over too, so why not treat yourself and your garden to a brand new water feature that will really add something special to you space, creating a brand new point of interest.

Stainless Steel Water Features are ideal for modern and contemporary gardens, or for updating a traditional style garden. They will certainly add a stylish decorative piece to your garden but will also create a soothing and calming atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy.  
Check out the small selection of metallic features here that will hopefully inspire you to modernise your garden this spring/summer!

We love the rippling effect of our Naples Stainless Steel Water Feature. As seen in many designer gardens, this is a self-contained feature that offers an easy way of adding class to your garden this year. Like all these features, it is manufactured from high quality grade 304 stainless steel, and the polished finish means it creates a superb reflection in the garden.


This is a very versatile feature that can upgrade a traditional style garden just like the image below…

Image from Pinterest

Or it is perfect for blending into a contemporary garden too…

Image from Pinterest


One of our most popular stainless steel items is our Sphere Features that come with built in LED lights. These are available in a range of different sizes such as the 30cm and come in a complete kit, so you have everything you need to get started! This includes the sphere, 4 white LEDs, transformer, pump, plastic sump and instructions.

These features are perfect for nestling into the plants in your garden, similar to the image below…


Or for creating a central focal point standing alone, similar to the image here…

Keeping to the sphere theme, why not try something different like our Helsinki Stainless Steel Water Feature. This is a modern stainless steel feature that provides a minimal, sleek look with its clean lines and reflections. It is another self-contained feature where the water trickles over the sphere and down the column, creating that calming atmosphere. Bound to create an instant impact in your garden!


A wall water feature is another popular way to create a modern display in your garden and we have a fantastic variety of these on our UK Water Features website, just like our 120cm Rippled Rhine Water Feature. Ideal for mounting into a pond, pebble pool or stainless steel bowl this feature pumps water to the top of the wall and it trickles down the front which creates a lovely shimmering effect. It is easy to install and maintain, anyone can enjoy a fantastic feature just like this in their garden.

We love the example here where a similar feature has been planted within other trees and plants creating quite a tropical vibe!

Image from Pinterest

Another of our most popular stainless steel features is our Water Blade. This is another feature that comes in a range of sizes so there is something available to suit many kinds of gardens and needs. These sizes for our Dual Entry Stainless Steel Water Blades include 30cm, 60cm and 90cm lengths. Ideal for both indoors or outdoors in gardens, homes, restaurants, hotels or bars, it is very versatile and can adapt to a multitude of uses. The solid wall of falling water creates a fantastic sound, and with the ability to add LED lights to the feature this is a piece that can be turned into something stunning during the night too.

We still have even more of a fantastic variety of shapes and sizes of Stainless Steel Water Features that we haven’t yet looked at, so whether you’re wanting big, small, tall, short, round or square we have got something we’re sure you’ll love and will do the trick of instantly updating your garden for the warmer months!

Here is a final selection of designs available all year round on our website, our Mini Avon Fountain, Lagos Falls Water Feature, Small Mushroom Water Feature and our Kerala Stainless Steel Feature are all brilliant choices if you’re looking out for somehtig special to add to your outdoor space this spring/summer.




Head over to the Stainless Steel Water Features section of our UK Water Features website today to browse the entire range at your leisure, and if you have any questions our friendly sales team will be more than happy to help, why not give them a call on 01226 388889.