How to attract wildlife to your garden using ponds, birdbaths and water features!

An excellent way to attract wildlife to your garden is by adding water to your garden, this could be by using ponds, birdbaths and water features. Like humans, water is vital for wildlife to survive yet is often overlooked. Adding a pond, birdbath or water feature is a great way to significantly increase the chances of attracting new wildlife to your garden.

Adding a preformed pond to your garden will attract wild amphibians such as newts and frogs as this is a perfect environment for them. However, you must make sure that one of the sides of the pond is slanted allowing the creatures an easy way out. A pond is also great for birds to drink and clean themselves.


If adding a pond seems a little drastic, a bird bath or water feature is an easy and cheap alternative; this will attract birds to your garden as birds need water to drink and for preening. This is when the bird cleans themselves and it will help to remove dust, loose feathers and parasites. Water helps keep a bird’s body cool from both the inside and out so this is a good way to attract them to your garden. 

Water features are great for attracting birds, this is because they have moving water which catches the bird’s eye and they can hear any dripping, sprinkles or splashes that the water feature makes. Active splashes can be heard from quite a distance which will attract a wide range of bird species. The flowing water also stays cleaner and is less likely to harbour parasites or bacteria that will harm the birds and other wildlife. 

Overall adding water to your garden makes the perfect environment for wild life which will be attracted to your garden!