Rustic Autumn Water Features

With the official start of autumn right around the corner, your garden will soon be starting to change. Most summer flowers will die off and golden, orange coloured leaves will soon be falling to the ground.

This makes us think that more rustic decorations will suit our autumn gardens as the colours and designs will blend right into the scenery. Here at UK Water Features we have an extensive range of outdoor water features with this kind of colouring that are perfect for displaying in your garden throughout autumn and winter.

Whether you opt for a contemporary style or a more traditional garden décor, there are rustic looking features for all outdoor spaces!

We have a great range of features available all year through, including our Zinc Wall Water Feature. The unique water blade design makes it a brilliant modern addition to your space, either as a focal point or to blend into your garden. This feature would also be ideal for paved or decked areas and is completely self-contained so there is no need to worry about finding a constant water supply!


Our Four Pots on Brick Wall Water Feature is another great rustic feature, perfect for your autumn garden. Water pours from the pot at the top of the bricks into the three pots below, creating a relaxing atmosphere whatever time of year. This feature also comes complete with built in LED lights, making it a fantastic addition to your garden during both the day and night!

The Birds of a Feather Boca Fountain is a great combination of decorative water feature and practical bird bath in one stunning item. The rustic nature and colouring of this feature means it will look like it has been part of your garden for years, rather than looking like a shiny new product. This cast stone feature is made and finished by hand and only requires very basic assembly, so you can be away enjoying your feature in no time!

Our granite and marble water features are a great way to add a natural looking and rustic feature to your outdoor space as well as adding a more modern style of decoration.

A couple of examples of these gorgeous features are our Marl Granite Tower Feature and our Pink Granite Babbling Bowl Feature. Both are made from natural, quality granite stone, so are products that will remain in your garden looking amazing for years to come! Hand finished and fully self-contained, simply fill the reservoir below and enjoy!


A final example of our rustic autumnal features is our Albero Fountain that will turn any space into an enchanting woodland. This wooden-look feature will be a perfect natural decoration that will take pride of place in any garden! With its built in light at the top of the feature it is another great feature that will look great at both day and night.

Here we have shared just a small handful of the more rustic looking water features on our website that will be brilliant additions to your garden this autumn! There’s no need to be sad that summer is over, you can make your garden look stunning at any time of year!
Head over to our UK Water Features website today to browse our entire range of outdoor water features.