Stainless Steel Water Blade Water Features

Stainless steel water blades are a popular addition to both modern and more traditional gardens.

Everyone loves the sound of falling water and water blades are the ideal way to add the flowing sound of water to your garden with something that is also visually attractive.

Water blades can be built into an existing wall or custom built into a new garden design. Depending on the size of the wall and area you have to install the blade there are various size options available ranging from 15cm in width to an enormous 150cm.

When installing a water blade always bear in mind the pool which the water will fall back into. The pool needs to be deep enough to house a pump fully submerged in water and also wide and long enough to ensure any splashing from the water as it falls is kept within the boundaries of the pool.

To compliment the water blade underwater lights can be placed into the pool. These lights iluminate the water flow and really are worth the extra investment especially at night.

Below is a short video clip showing a fully self contained water blade kit introduced this year by Gardman. The Slate Falls LED Lit Water Feature features a stainless steel blade built into a metal cased body clad in slate.

The water feature is 100cm in height with an overall width of 50cm, holding 28 litres of water. As with the majority of our water features the Slate Falls comes complete with 10 metres of cable and a low voltage transformer which is not only energy efficient but much safer than 240v mains powered fountains.

UK Water Features stock a variety of water blades, accessories and LED underwater lights. The Gardman Slate Falls LED Lit Water Feature shown above retails for £249.95, saving £50 on the RRP.

This article was written by Water Bucket Walter