UK Water Features - Staying healthy with indoor water features

There is something about water that can calm even the most stressed person. It is perhaps the one reason why we all look forward to a steaming shower after a long day, or love to feel the sand at our feet as we watch the sunset over the sea. If you are a water lover and are truly soothed by its presence, then you could think of including an indoor water feature in your home to give you the constant source of relaxation you seek.

Indoor décor has developed such that you can easily have a water-based feature brought into your home. Almost instantly you can transform your study into a serene place to work in with a table top water feature. Often this requires a simple plug point and you will have a little fountain like structure chugging away on your table. You will find that it will help you work better.

You could also think of introducing an indoor fountain in your living room or even in the enclosed patio that you may have. Nothing like sitting beside it in the evenings with a cool drink in your hands and letting all those tensions of the day get washed away in its tranquil sounds. Indoor fountains can be of several kinds and can easily be customized to blend into your décor. You have large ones that can form part of the décor or individual pieces that can actually be moved around to suit your convenience.

Research has show that an indoor water body can bring about tremendous health benefits. For one, it can instantly calm you down, bringing down your blood pressure. It also acts as a mood enhancer and helps those with breathing or asthmatic problems to relax and slowly gain rhythm of their breathing. Water fountains tend to release negative ions that induce a sense of well being in the body. These ions are the same ones that are produced when one is one the beach, in front of undulating waves or under a waterfall where water is constantly flowing. These water bodies also produce a level of humidity in the nearby surroundings, making breathing smoother.

There are a range of water features that you can choose from depending on the room you would like to put it in. Choose something that comes with a night light for your bedrooms as this can then serve a dual purpose. You could also think of using one in the children’s room to help them sleep better at night and concentrate on their studies when needed.