Welcome to the new UK Water Features!

Here at UK Water Features we would like to welcome all our wonderful customers to our new and improved website!

This year we have decided to split our original website into two separate departments to make it easier for you guys. We now have our UK Water Features site, displaying all our wonderful products that are purely water features, ponds and aquatics. We also have our new website, Garden and Home Shop selling all our other non-water feature items.

Our fantastic new website is easy to use and mobile friendly, meaning you can browse at ease anywhere you wish! Check out our new site today and see all our great photos on all our products helping you to make your buying decisions as simple as possible. Also to help make your experience as hassle free as possible, we have a simple and secure click and buy checkout, giving all our customers that piece of mind.

Here’s a sneak peak of what our website looks like on a mobile phone, just to show you how easy it is to manoeuvre!

So don’t worry when you can’t find any of our popular lights, decorations, furniture and more, they’re still in stock and available to browse, they’ve just moved home to our new Garden and Home Shop!

We hope that you enjoy both our new websites, and we’d like to wish you happy shopping!