How do Solar Features, Fountains and Pumps Work?

With the weather finally starting to pick up, why not make the most of the natural resource and use it to power your water feature, fountain or pond?

During summer we should be making the most of the sunshine and if it powers our features and doesn’t cost a thing, then it’s a double bonus!

With many of us not having access to a mains powered socket outdoors then solar is proving to be more beneficial to a number of people. Solar power itself is produced silently and is a green energy source. It doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases during use; the only environmental impact is the initial production of the photovoltaic. Photovoltaics are best known as a method for generating electric power by using solar cells to convert energy from the sun into a flow of electrons to power your feature.

As the main requirement of solar cell technology is sunshine, it is advisable that the user lives in an area which has sufficient sunlight hours, for example living on the Shetland Islands won’t have as many sunshine hours, in comparison to the south coast of the UK, this can be as much as 14.7 hours difference; so please take this into consideration when choosing a power source. 

Solar cell technology converts solar energy from the sun into electricity which will then power the feature. A solar panel will absorb light photons produced by the sun and they will then complete an electrical circuit. The panel it’s self is made from a form of silicon and uses light to make the electrons move within the panel.
Each solar panel is made from two layers which are attached together. The first layer is packed full of electrons, these electrons then jump from the first layer to the second layer. This move is known as an ‘electron move’ which makes another ‘electron move’ and so on, this movement then creates electricity which powers the solar powered device.

Solar powered water features, fountains and pond pumps are now available with a variety of features, i.e. variety of pump sizes, movable or fixed solar panel and battery backup option. It is important to note that solar set ups without a battery backup will only work in direct sunlight so you may not get the usage out of your pump that you would be expecting, unless using in a sunny destination. The solar powered features we stock will have either a fixed solar panel fixed into the feature, so it will mean the feature has to be situated in the sunshine. We also sell features that have a movable solar panel which can either be staked into the ground or attached to a fence or the shed. Our Tree Trunk Solar Bird Bath is the perfect feature if you want to place it in a sunny area of the garden. However, if you’re thinking of accessorising your garden in a shady area then a solar feature with a portable panel positioned in sunlight will be a better option. Our Jug and Bowl Solar Feature is ideal for shady parts of the garden and the panel can be positioned towards the sun. Our solar panels come with fittings and attachments so they can fixed in a position of your choice.


There are many solar options available to power your solar fountains, features and pumps ensuring there is something to suit everyone’s requirements. Pumps are available in a variety of sizes and depending which model you select they will have different features.

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