May 2011

Join The 1000's Of People On Board Our Social Networking Bandwagon

First of all what is social media? Well in simple terms social networking is a word that has been thrown around a lot in recent years, it is a platform such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that is used to bring together people who share common interests and enjoy dicussing and sharing ideas with one another.  That being said, UK Water Features would like to invite you to join the thousands of people currently following us on our social media networks. The social media phenominon is a great way for you to keep upto da...

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Planning your trip to the Chelsea Flower Show 2011

If you are lucky enough to be one of the attendees at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show then it may be worth planning your visit beforehand. With the wide array of gardens and features on display along with the activities and local attractions planning your trip down to London will certainly benefit you to help use your time efficiently.First of all, you need to know the location and the official opening times for the event. As we all probably know by now the event is...

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Yorkshire represented for the 9th year running at the Chelsea Flower Show

This year’s Chelsea Flower Show has gotten off to a great start. Yesterday was opening day at the show and while many of us sat and watched the event on the television there were some lucky people who were able to get their hands on some tickets for the event. It was nice to see that for the 9th year in a row, Yorkshire was represented as one of the featured gardens.'The Leeds Garden' was on show down in London yesterday...

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Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Today sees the offical start of the Chelsea Flower Show (24th-28th May). It is a highly significant event in the gardening world where millions of people come together for 5 days to both celebrate the highest quality horticulture and view some of the amazing gardens and features that are on display. Hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in the grounds of the Rotal Hospital Chelsea in London, it is widly considered to be the most famous show in the United Kingdom, infact it could possibly be the most famous gardening event across the globe. The event plays a crucial role for the s...

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Henri Studio Water Fountains

If you are not familiar with Henri Studio water features then this will be a really interesting read. There is a overwhelming sense of elegance that a Henri Studio water feature brings to one’s garden. With a company with a brand like Henri Studio's there is no wonder that these water features are one of the most sought after centre pieces in many gardens across the globe.Tuscany, in central Italy, is known for its olive oil, wines and beautiful scenery. It is also the cultural heart of...

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Feng Shui in your garden

With summer coming up quickly it may be worth considering a little shift around in your garden to create a new and relaxing feel to your garden. Using you water features and garden features to reflect a peaceful ambiance throughout your garden is actually quite simple. I am sure most of us have heard of the term 'feng shun' but what does it actually mean, and how can you use it in your garden.Read More

Traditional Oak Barrels

Oak barrel water features are certainly a popular feature in many gardens across the UK. However, where did these barrels originate and what was their original purpose.               The Glenlivet Oak Barrel

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Attracting wildlife to your garden with a few simple additions

Wildlife is a great part of any garden. It is actually possible to attract various species of wildlife to your garden with a few simple additions to your outdoor space. Wildlife can be a further element to your garden that provides you with a peaceful and tranquil ambiance.Creating a wetland area in your garden is a p...

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Top 5 things for your garden this Summer

Well spring flying by, summer is almost here. So now is the time to start preparing your garden for the outdoor season. With all the features and garden accessories out there it may be worth just highlighting the top 5 essentials for your garden this summer. #1 BBQ: It would not be summer without a barbeque. Whether it is gas, charcoal or masonry bbq they are certainly an essential part of any garden this summer especially is you are think...

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'Green' Outdoor Patio Heaters

If you are like most people you probably love the idea of sitting on your patio or deck throughout the day enjoying the lovely weather. However when the sun drops below the horizon the temerpature at this time of year can drop to less than desireable. Outdoor patio heaters are a great little addition to your garden that will take away that brisk chill in the air alowing you to enjoy the outdoors long into the night. Patio heaters come in espescially hand when you are entertaining guests. Read More