Avoid Your Pond Freezing Over This Winter

Ponds are a wonderful addition to your garden, they bring a new dynamic to any outdoor space and a wonderful focal point! They can add such beauty to your garden all year round but they also require a level of responsibility to care for.

Now that winter is getting closer, you will need to be thinking now of the ways you’re going to look after your pond during the cold, harsh weather and how you can stop it freezing over. In this short blog we want to give you some top tips on how you can keep your pond looking its best all through the year.

During autumn and winter the first step is to trim back any larger plants you may have in and around your pond, and remove as much dead plant matter from the water too. It would also be advisable to drain at least some of the water and replace it with fresh to avoid rotting plant material soaking in the pond until spring.


You may also choose to place a cover over your pond, whether this is a homemade cover or shop bought. This will help to insulate the pond a little, helping to avoid freezing. It will also help to stop leaves and other foliage falling into the pond, reduce the cleaning time needed.

When the colder temperatures start to arrive during the winter, make sure that you keep your pump running. This is because moving water is harder to freeze than still. A pond heater or de-icer can also provide enough extra heat to keep the water from reaching freezing levels, these shouldn’t be too expensive either if you shop around!


A very easy way to prevent your pond from icing over is to place a large inflated ball in the water or perhaps even a plastic bottle partially filled with stones. This will make the water move about a little from the movement of the bottle or ball, meaning it is less likely to freeze.


Following these practices is not difficult but they will keep your pond from freezing, and before long you will have a healthy and vibrant addition to your landscape again come springtime!

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