Oxfam Water Week

Oxfam Water Week provides opportunities for young people to learn about water related issues and the benefits of taking action as a nation in order to resolve the water crisis problems occurring around the globe.

Oxfam is campaigning towards a fairer world; their ethos is that everyone is entitled to their share of water, in order to live a healthy and happy life. Water shortages can occur as a result of natural weather conditions and human intervention on the land, either through housing developments or building dams which restrict water flow to settlements down the river resulting in unfair water distribution.


Living with limited access to clean, fresh water results in communities becoming vulnerable and susceptible to waterborne diseases including typhoid, cholera and E-coli infection. Water is an essential requirement of everyday life and is something which a lot of people take for granted. It is required for sanitation; hygiene and consumption, there are countries around the world where citizens risk their lives just by drinking the water they have access to.


Oxfam provides resources in order to assist young learners with their fundraising activities during Water Week, encouraging them to be as creative as they like in order to raise funds which will help communities all over the world. The money raised during Water Week is distributed to countries including Liberia, South Sudan, Haiti, Niger and Mali. The funds are used towards their WASH project which looks into new technologies which can be utilised in rural areas and maintained by locals. This will enable citizens around the world to have access to fresh, clean water which is from a sustainable source and will enable communities to thrive.

At least 800 million people around the world still lack access to clean water, we are very fortunate to have such unrestricted usage in the UK and consume water of a high quality standard in comparison to other foreign countries. Having access to a clean, fresh water supply can transform lives, it enables children who previously walked miles to retrieve water the ability to attend school, as water points are located nearer their homes. It enables children who have suffered with chronic diarrhoea to feel well and healthy, something which we take for granted every day.

We are a very fortunate country to have access to water in our homes and to have the ability to have both warm and cold running water. Oxfam’s aim is to enable communities all around the world this necessary requirement in order to develop as a community and country. Money raised by developed countries will be used effectively by Oxfam in order to break the cycle of poverty and enable future generations to have an improved quality of lives.


We hope this blog might have raised your awareness of Water Week, why not get involved?! Visit their website to find out lots of great ways in which you can include yourself with fundraising activities - http://www.oxfam.org.uk/education/global-citizenship/water-week

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